NOTICE 1/8/17

Ron Coon Resins has made changes to their website that you should take note of before placing your next order. Once again Ron Coon Resins has listened to the scale modeling community and has made changes to the way builders can order parts from Ron Coon Resins.

The majority of our parts can now be ordered as single items. You will no longer have to order items in pairs, sets, etc. Why you ask, well plain and simple, here at Ron Coon Resins we are always looking for ways to save the builder money and make shipping even quicker, even though our shipping times are second to none currently!!! Also we plan on being around for a while and are looking forward to implementing production, inventory, quoting, invoicing, and shipping procedures that will raise the bar in the way resin casting is done.


Ron Coon

Ron Coon Resins


Welcome to Ron Coon Resins. As a kid I would spend all of my allowance, mowing, and snow shoveling earnings on scale models, sure wish I had some of those kits today! I recently got back into scale modeling and became frustrated with the lack of parts that I wanted and the over the top prices, not to mention the low quality being offered by some casters. That is when I decided to venture into the unknown and cast my own parts for my own use. It wasn’t long before others were asking if they could purchase my castings, and as they say, “the rest is history”. 

I try to keep at least one set / piece of everything I offer in stock and pride myself on rapid order processing but this is not how I pay the bills so on occasion depending on your order size there may be a delay. If that ever happens you will be notified on expected shipping delay and always have the option of cancelling the order or part of it with no hard feelings.

Last but not least, if it’s not good enough for my build, it’s not good enough for your build…’nuff said!!!!

Keep checking back because I am adding new items as time permits.

Build on my friends,

Ron Coon

PS All of our castings are 1:25 or 1:24 unless otherwise noted.










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